Grid Edge software is about much more than just saving energy — it also enables building owners to create new revenue streams by turning their energy equipment into high-value assets for the electricity grid.

 The electricity grid requires constant balancing of supply and demand to ensure a safe and reliable flow of power to consumers. If too much power flows through the grid there is risk of damaging sensitive equipment; if demand outstrips supply there is a risk of blackouts. This second-by-second balancing of the power grid is made more challenging by the difficulty in forecasting the supply of electricity from the increasing deployment of intermittent renewables.

Demand-side response (DSR), where energy consumers are paid to manipulate their energy demand in order to re-balance the grid, is a fast growing market worth £1billion per year in the UK.

 Our AI software enables building owners to grab a share of this growing market by making their complex building energy loads available for DSR for the first time.