Grid Edge puts innovation and intelligent control onto the customer’s side of the meter and provides a cloud-based software service that works in harmony with your building's existing energy management system to predict, optimise and control your energy profile: 



Grid Edge develops intelligent learning algorithms that harness the power of building, energy and environmental data to create accurate and dynamic load forecasts for complex energy systems in public and commercial buildings



Using our unique load forecasts, we create optimised dispatch strategies for our customers' energy assets to deliver their desired performance while maximising their financial and environmental rewards



Our cloud-based software service works in harmony with existing Energy Management Systems to implement optimised control strategies that reduce energy costs, cut carbon emissions and create high-vale demand-side flexibility 


Our innovative software service uses predictive machine-learning and neural network algorithms to forecast your building's energy profile and autonomously implement optimised control strategies by intelligently dispatching energy demand, storage and generation assets.


Our technology aims to empower building owners to turn their buildings into intelligent and optimised assets at the heart of the UK's energy system. 

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Through our predictive load forecasting innovation, we are able to turn buildings into batteries and unlock the value of unconventional and underutilised energy storage assets (such as a building’s thermal inertia) to create dynamic flexibility within a customer’s optimal energy profile and make this flexibility available for balancing services, generating DSR revenues for customers.