Our Vision:

Empowered consumers. Intelligent flexibility.

At Grid Edge, we want to change the way that people use energy by putting data-driven, intelligent control into the hands of commercial energy consumers. We believe that empowered consumers should be at the heart of the 21st century energy system, and that flexibility should be its most valued commodity. 

That's why we are developing AI technology designed to sit on the consumer's side of the meter. We focus on empowering consumers to harness the true value of their energy assets, on their terms.      


Our Origins:

Grid Edge is a 'spin out' company from Aston University. It was founded by three friends and colleagues from Aston's Energy Research Institute - Jim Scott, Daniel Wright and Tom Anderson. Before founding Grid Edge, Jim, Dan and Tom led a ground-breaking R&D project called ITHECA that demonstrated how complex energy systems could be intelligently optimised and controlled through the application of innovative machine-learning methods. The award-winning research and IP from the ITHECA project continues to inform the development of Grid Edge's AI technology.   


Our Team:

Grid Edge is home to a fantastic team of Data Scientists, Software Engineers and energy industry professionals.  

Want to join the team? If you are an ambitious Data Scientist, Statistician or Software Developer and want to join a team working to change the way that people use energy, then get in touch.  


Our Awards

2019: KPMG Best British Tech Start Up - Midlands Winner, UK Finalist

2018: MIPIM Prop Tech Awards - Global Finalist

2018: EDF Energy Pulse Awards - Finalist

2018: Intu Accelerates - Award winner

2016: Silicon Canal Tech Awards - Best Start Up - Winner

2016: MEBC Awards - Best Innovation - Winner