Our Technology

Grid Edge is developing cloud-based artificial intelligence software services to empower building operators to predict, optimise and control their energy profile, enabling them to become active and intelligent participants in the energy system.  



Buildings Behaving Better



Flexibility. On your terms.



Intelligent EV Charging for Car Parks and Fleet


Buildings behave better with Edge2X

Edge2X is our core AI technology and it enables building operators to bring predictive machine-learning and data science analytics to the way that they manage energy.

Designed to work in harmony with your existing energy management system, Edge2X removes the friction from energy strategy optimisation and harnesses the power of your building's energy and environmental data to create accurate and dynamic forecasts for all aspects of cost, comfort and carbon optimisation.


Turn buildings into batteries with Flex2X

Flex2X aims to turn your building into a battery and unlock the true value of your flexible energy assets.

Leveraging the unique energy and environmental forecasts from our Edge2X technology, Flex2X seeks to bring transparency and control to the world of demand-side response and empower you to explore and optimise the cost, carbon and comfort impact of your ability to flexibly shift your energy profile. 

Its about flexibility. On your terms.  


Optimise your EV infrastructure with EV2X

Smart, connected and two-way charging technology can empower electric vehicle infrastructure providers to participate in energy markets. Our EV2X technology allows this opportunity to be accessed whilst maintaining charge performance and user trust. 

If you are installing new electric vehicle charging infrastructure then EV2X could help you optimise how your charging assets can be integrated and intelligently managed as part of your building's holistic energy system.