Predict, optimise and control your building’s energy profile


Grid Edge is pioneering the application of Artificial Intelligence for building energy systems


Buildings Behaving Better

Commercial building operators are on the front line of an energy system in a state of flux, with their building’s energy and carbon costs becoming more dynamic, volatile and harder to control.

This means smart energy management is no longer about how much energy you use, it’s about when you use it.


Predict. Optimise. Control.

At Grid Edge, we want to put intelligent, data-driven control into the hands of commercial energy consumers.

With our AI technology, you can create a unique foresight-driven approach to building energy management and dynamically optimise your building’s day-ahead energy, carbon and comfort profile.


Discover the benefits of Grid Edge’s AI technology and start to change the way you use energy:


Reduce energy costs


Cut carbon emissions

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Optimise HVAC and comfort

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Integrate generation / storage


See how Grid Edge’s predictive AI technology can help to optimise your building’s energy profile



Buildings behave better with Edge2X

In a volatile and dynamic energy system, it pays to know: what is going to happen next?:

Edge2X is our core AI technology and it enables building operators to bring predictive machine-learning and data science analytics to the way that they manage energy.

Designed to work in harmony with your existing energy management system, Edge2X removes the friction from energy strategy optimisation and harnesses the power of your building's energy and environmental data to create dynamic forecasts for all aspects of cost, comfort and carbon optimisation.

  • Edge2X offer predictive AI technology that works in harmony with existing BMS and metering systems

  • Reduces costs, cuts carbon and maximises comfort through load-shifting and optimisation

  • Provides 24 hour-ahead prediction, optimisation and control of building energy profile

  • Deploys next-generation analytics to unlock deeper insights from predictive, live and historic building data

  • Puts foresight and flexibility at the centre of energy management

  • Virtual AI assistant to interrogate data and respond to queries

  • Can be integrated with Grid Edge technology for optimisation of EV charging, Solar PV and flexibility services

Grid Edge’s machine learning platform Edge2X is used to dynamically monitor and manage the energy load within these buildings. The system allows the team to plan the energy strategy for the buildings day by day in response to forecasts of temperature and footfall.
— Roseannah Playle - Environment & Community Manager, Bullring Estate

Flex2X - Flexibility. On your terms.

At Grid Edge, we think the digital energy transition means putting building operators at the centre of our flexible energy system, empowering them to unlock and publish their building’s flexible energy profile on their terms.

  • That means being transparent about the impact of flexibility on your building’s comfort, carbon and cost profile.

  • It means operating on a day-ahead time-scale that works for your building, not 48 half-hour settlement periods, month-ahead DSR auctions, or year-ahead DNO active network management schemes.

  • And it means empowering the building operator to decide where and when they participate in markets for flexibility, whether that be through their supplier, DNO, aggregator or otherwise.

We call this ‘Flex2X’.

Supported by funding from the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we will be developing and piloting this consumer-led approach to flexibility throughout 2019 and 2020. At its heart is the next generation of Grid Edge’s AI technology that enables building operators to predict, optimise and control their energy profile - but now with the ability to co-create value from ‘over-the-meter’ relationships with their energy supplier, the DNO and other parties.

We believe that consumers should be the most important actors in the 21st century energy system, and that flexibility should be its most valuable commodity. If you share this vision - and you’d like to know more about what Flex2X could mean for your building - then we’d love to hear from you.


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Grid Edge provides award-winning AI technology that has been recognised for its excellence by leading UK and international industry experts


KPMG Best British Tech Start Up

Winner (Midlands), Finalist (UK), 2019


Best Innovation

RAC Cooling Industry Awards, 2019


MIPIM PropTech Awards

Global Finalist, 2018


EDF Energy Pulse Awards

Finalist, 2018