At Grid Edge, we want to change the way that people use energy by putting intelligent control into the hands of commercial energy consumers.

We are in the midst of a global smart energy revolution being driven by innovations in big data, connected technologies and distributed energy systems that are transforming the way consumers use and manage energy.

Empowered by Grid Edge's artificial intelligence technology, a new generation of commercial energy consumers are now able to PREDICT, OPTIMISE and CONTROL their energy profile, unlocking their potential to become active and intelligent participants in the energy system. 

It's time to join the revolution.  


Specialising in hybrid deep learning and artificial neural network methods, Grid Edge provides cloud-based software services that work in harmony with building energy management systems to PREDICT, OPTIMISE and CONTROL complex energy systems 


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Grid Edge develops intelligent learning algorithms that harness the power of building, energy and environmental data to create accurate and dynamic load forecasts for complex energy systems in public and commercial buildings


Using our unique load forecasts, we create optimised dispatch strategies for our customers' energy assets to deliver their desired performance while maximising their financial and environmental rewards


Our cloud-based software service works in harmony with existing Energy Management Systems to implement optimised control strategies that reduce energy costs, cut carbon emissions and create high-vale demand-side flexibility 


Our cloud-based software service gives you intelligent control of your building's energy system and unlocks new value from your existing energy and data assets  


reduce costs

Real-time optimisation of your energy profile can create significant financial savings through efficiency gains and load-shifting demand out of peak pricing periods


create flexibility

Without ceding control or compromising performance, you can unlock flexibility within your building's energy profile and create a new consumer-controlled form of demand-management


lower emissions

By optimising your building's energy profile you can reduce your operational carbon footprint, enhance your sustainability credentials and avoid expensive CRC payments 


data visibility

Turn building information into building intelligence. Our advanced data analytics can directly inform business decision making and reporting 

We are proud to be working with some of the UK's leading companies and organisations who share our vision for a better way to manage energy:

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