The way we use energy is changing


Empowered consumers. Intelligent flexibility.


We think consumers should be the most important participants in the 21st Century energy system, and that flexibility should be its most valuable commodity.


Our energy system is in a state of flux.

New technologies, smarter consumers and bold decarbonisation strategies are bringing rapid change to our energy system. It is becoming more renewable, decentralised and intelligent. As these changes take effect, they are fundamentally re-shaping the way that we use and manage energy and creating a new, more flexible energy landscape for consumers where energy and carbon costs become more dynamic, volatile and harder to control. 

For building operators, this means smart energy management is no longer just a matter of trying to optimise how much energy you use, but about when you use it.


Discover artificial intelligence for energy systems.

At Grid Edge, we want to empower building operators to become active and intelligent participants in this new energy system.

Our Artificial Intelligence software services put data-driven, intelligent control into the hands of building operators, leveraging the power of their building, energy and environmental data to create a unique foresight-driven approach to intelligent and flexible energy management.

This means dynamically optimising your building's cost, comfort and carbon profile, and unlocking the true value of your flexible energy assets.    



From HVAC and CHP through to Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicles, find out how Grid Edge can empower you to intelligently optimise your building's energy profile:


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Flexibility. On your terms


Intelligent EV charging for Car Parks and Fleet


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